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Harri Pick releases infectious new single “Broke”

Harri Pick is set to take 2023 by storm with her new material. Her first release comes in the form of single “Broke.” The track is an irresistible offering that provides a refreshing take on indie-rock music, with the single managing to blend heavy instrumentation with perfectly-penned melodies. “Broke” features thunderous drums, driving guitar parts and grooving bass lines. Her vocals smash through the mix, showcasing her hard-hitting but comedic lyricism.

Speaking about the track, she says: “Broke came about when I went to visit my parents after my birthday. I had just come back from visiting my partner's family in Scotland and we arrived back in London. We got on the tube and I opened my bank account, which I did in fact, have 74p in. We were going to visit my parents in the South West and I was panicking about money and the fact my partner and I lived in such a ridiculously priced place in London that was the size of a box.

My parents had previously asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I wasn’t sure. I then had a letter for council tax and I decided to ask them for some money rather than a present. My dad was a very sarcastic man and asked how much I wanted, I said I don’t mind because I felt bad asking for money anyway haha. He proceeded to send me £1 and put Money by The Flying Lizards on whilst laughing at sending me £1. He then sent me a bit more after laughing at his joke for long enough. My partner and I then went home and used the Flying Lizards song as inspiration to create the really raw drum sound we liked.

I then had the SLC ringing me because I dropped out of my masters as I couldn’t afford to do the masters whilst also having a full time job 1hr away. I owed SLC 11.5k which is where most of the inspiration came from for the bridge!”

Harri Pick hails from Somerset, but moved to London to study at The London College of Music. She would go on to gain an infamous reputation within the London gig circuit. With a loyal fanbase and a growing catalogue of music, we can see her getting to the top.



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