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Harry Keyworth returns with intriguing new track 'Never Over'

Alternative Folk singer-songwriter Harry Keyworth is back with his trademark Bluesy-soul feel, acoustic percussion and rich gritty sound.

After taking some time to develop his craft after the loss of his father and to reflect on recent challenges across society, Harry is back with a heady and refined sound. His latest track ‘Never Over’ uses mellow, percussive beats with irresistible rhythm as the heartbeat to the track. Harry’s magnetic vocals have an intoxicating depth which entwines with the resonant acoustic guitar. These elements combined with hauntingly beautiful falsettos leave us with a mellifluous soundscape

Talking about the track Harry explained, “Lyrically, the song ‘Never over’ is expressed as a love song, though this perspective only reveals certain truths about deeper hidden meanings. The line “Maybe I tried and died a thousand times over, only time will tell” may at first be heard as reflecting the trials and tribulations of lovers. Yet it is equally applicable to the wider values and causes we are compelled to labour and suffer for.”

Harry Keyworth was born and raised in far West Wales to a tarot card reading mother and musician father. Destined for music, Harry was obsessed with the guitar from a young age, a passion born from his father’s talent and record collection. While at times it was a passion that got him in trouble, his determination and skill has paved the way for his career.

Today, Harry has developed a raw energy that melds a detuned percussive acoustic style with the fast finger work of early electric guitar apprenticeship. His vocals draw on the blues and soul set against the backdrop of warm and rich production techniques. His accolades included BBC’s Radio Wales record of the week, BBC Radio 1 and radio 6 plays and he has played alongside, Lucy Rose, Tom Misch, Jordan Rakai,The Squeeze, Adam Ant and Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers).

Harry’s new evolution of sound referencing the likes of Sampha, D’angelo and Bon Iver is an exciting new step in the talented musicians career. With a live stream planned for March 26th on Veeps (all being well covid wise), Harry is one to keep your eye on.

Listen to 'Never Over' here:



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