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headcage announce debut EP ‘under my skin’

+ Share lead single ‘gaslight’

Newcastle Upon Tyne Alternative Post-Hardcore band ‘headcage’ have announced the details of their forthcoming EP ‘under my skin’ and shared it’s lead single ‘gaslight’.

The band’s debut EP ‘under my skin’ (out 20th October 2023) encapsulates years of meticulous process, blending colossal, riff driven instrumentation with fiercely melodic and incredibly vulnerable vocal crooning. It’s lead single ‘gaslight’ which is out today, details the anger that vocalist Leyum Pattinson felt in his younger years / early adolescence.

“I was struggling with symptoms of depression and I distinctly remember trying to explain how I was feeling to my family/friends/doctor and was met with a general dismissive response. Being able to vocalise the frustration I felt at that time, and adding current awareness of these issues using a term like ‘gaslight’ I can use this song as effective catharsis.” shares vocalist, Leyum Pattinson.

Watch the official music video right here:

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