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heavy wild releases euphoric single ‘Dope Gods’

heavy wild recently released their fifth single ‘Dope Gods’. Opening with a glittery synth lead set over a reserved chugging riff, the track expands into a dark blend of synth-pop and alt-rock. Above the driving instrumentation and glowing melodies, lies an emotional vocal performance. Delivered with a soft haze, the vocals rise throughout the music, swelling into a euphoric climax as the reverb builds around it.

Vocalist Wolfgang Harte shares the story behind the music, “I wrote the song on the back of getting the news last January that an old friend had died. We were best friends around the ages of 15-17 and had so many crazy times wrapped up in that period of adolescence.

There was sort of this movie playing in my head of our friendship over that time and the lyrics are born out of that, reflecting on those hectic teenage days and the sadness of losing a friend.”

heavy wild first appeared in 2022, swiftly garnering attention with their early singles, before going on to support Highschool in Paris and tour the UK and Ireland with Swim Deep. To promote ‘Dope Gods’, heavy wild is currently returning to the road to perform across the UK throughout February and March.



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