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Herbert Walker Display Endless Creativity On New Stunner 'Up Down'

Herbert Walker are a band clearly not afraid to step out of the box and experiment with their style, blending genres and using a variety of instrumentation. Moving away from the guitar-indie of their other release towards a more jazz influenced, r&b infused sound, the new single 'Up Down' is a step into a new realm for the band, showcasing their versatility and ability to create innovative, emotive music with a create freedom to be admired.

Vibrant and thoughtful, the lazy swaying rhythm, upright piano and use of brass, understated vocal style and wind instrumentation gives the new single a wonky, Black Country New Road-come- Guillemots ease, resulting a beautiful, subtle yet impactful soundscape, offering an exciting look at the bands upcoming album.

Speaking on the single, the band share: “Up Down is about horror and banality and American life. To us, it is about childhood and escape and acceptance.”

Listen below:

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