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  • Ellie McGuire

HJ Soul Presents New Single 'Girl On The Train'

R&B and soul singer-songwriter HJ Soul has enthralled listeners all over the world with his soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics, and now returns with his dreamy brand-new single ‘Girl On The Train’.

The premises of the track details as life may move at such an intensely fast speed at times, ‘Girl On The Train’ has a romantic feel to it as well. You find yourself thinking about this lovely girl you met on the train but were unable to speak to.

The lyrics of ‘Girl On The Train’ naturally flowed out creating a beautiful story. HJ Soul felt at ease in silence, allowing the energy to flow between them rather than exchanging loud words during this instantaneous connection, even though neither of them introduced themselves. The romantic story, which revolves around a "city girl," inspired him to use creative word choices in the studio to create the song's spine. He then included melodies for each verse, tailoring them to the mood of the romantic story as it develops. Additional harmonies and adlibs give the song the extra soul it needed to create a dreamlike effect, as the story continues to unfold as the girl gets off the train at her stop and you keep dreaming of what could have happened if he had gotten to know her better through conversation.

On the song, HJ says, “I was sitting in a room on a warm evening just at the fall when autumn started, with this warm beige lighting in the room creating this cozy effect, and I was thinking with my vision and artistry what kind of song could I create in this sort of atmosphere. I had this track playing and I don't know all of a sudden I was thinking of a time that I'd met this girl on the train standing near to where I was, and then a beautiful story unfolded in my mind of how I could write a song about this.”



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