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hundredmillionthousand releases powerful new album "Attention Span"

Noel Fanaeian is the mastermind behind the hundredmillionthousand, a Persian-Filipino composer from Canada. His signature and unique offering came from touring and studying under renowned composer Laurel Halo. His sound features a melting pot of electronic and neoclassical. His latest offering showcases this sound perfectly.

"Attention Span" is a 6-track album that is sure to fully immerse you into hundredmillionthousand's musical world. Songs such as 'Ten' nod more heavily to electronic music, with atmospheric elements still tinging the track. Tracks such as "One" feature heartwarming synths that nods to a more of a neoclassical facade. The album is a well-flowing offering that presents musically advanced ideas.

Fanaeian's unique sound and aesthetic can be seen married together in the music video for the album’s title track which can be found here The video is a contemporary dance duet choreographed by Ainsley Hilliard. The duet was recorded with motion capture technology by filmmaker Aaron Munson. In the video, a couple is composed of animation data points, without being 3D rendered, and as they dance the dots disperse and then reform into figures. The figures are intended to reflect how people become data points for tech and social media companies' metrics for ‘engagement’. The resulting disaggregated then reassembled figures reflect how transient, and illusory human connection online can be and how the illusion of connecting online can erode offline connections.

Noel speaks further about the release: “I used the sounds of the most intimate and emotional human moments and computerised them into indistinguishable sounds and then made them into music. My intent was to comment and work through my own struggles with connecting in the digital age. In today’s day and age there is no way to discuss the current state of human relationships and intimacy without acknowledging how technology has moulded how we interact with each other. The internet and online dating platforms are perpetuating feelings of attraction, infatuation, connection, confusion, disconnection and little losses. It’s created a disposable cycle of human intimacy. I wanted to capture this feeling and cycle in sound. I noticed experiential electronic music has an obsession with the newest technology; I wanted to create music using a process that explores the effect of techphillic culture to study intimate human connection in the modern age.”



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