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Hunter Gill Makes Stellar Debut With The Release of 'Glide'

Entering the scene with the presence of an ever present legend, Hunter Gill debut’s country anthem ‘Glide’ a refreshing take on the famous Florida everglades and a tale of tenacity and triumph.

Introducing the song through with a monologue from Hunter discussing a journey on a hovercraft through the everglades, the song progresses into a dynamic use of various strings including country fuelled guitar lines and rhythmic violins. Hunter’s rough cut voice is the perfect feature for country music and he commands the song expertly through the use of his vocals. The uplifting message of the song is amplified by a gospel driven chorus and the ever optimistic lyrics.

Speaking to the meaning behind the song Hunter explains, “Glide is about going through life with it's ups and downs and getting back up when you fall or something goes wrong and always knowing it’s going to be OK”.

Working with legendary producer Tim Mitchell, (Shakira) Hunter has culminated elements of his incredible life story and created music with a personal element. Hunter’s extraordinary existence is full of ground breaking material that he is taking inspiration from to create a highly anticipated debut album. Hunter worked with Tim in a dynamic setting that also included him getting vocal lessons and honing out the unique and instantly recognisable vocal stylings he is now prepared to bless music listeners around the world with.

The Florida native has big plans for the future, having set the foundations for the album and working tirelessly to create even more stellar releases following ‘Glide’. Already walking in the cock spurred boots of a country legend in the making, Hunter is set to maintain his rise to stardom.

Listen to 'Glide' here:



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