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  • Ellie McGuire

Ian Maksin Offers a Fusing of Music on ‘AMOR RENATUS (REBIRTH OF LOVE)’

Cellist, composer, and vocalist Ian Maksin has an impressive musical catalog and can sing in over 30 different languages. By fusing classical, jazz, and world music and drawing influence from a wide variety of musical genres, he has developed his own distinctive musical metaverse and is guiding the listener on a fantastical voyage beyond space and time.

His brand-new single, AMOR RENATUS (REBIRTH OF LOVE), was released along with a music video in preparation for his upcoming North American tour and upcoming 12-track album of the same name. This album is the best example of what Ian Maksin is capable of music with undeniably therapeutic qualities that show his love for his work and his natural ability to capture the same limitless energy.

There’s a mesmerizing feel to Ian Maksin’s music. Especially on this particular track, he presents a genre-blend of sounds and grasps the emotions of the listener from the first moment 'AMOR RENATUS (REBIRTH OF LOVE)' plays. It’s a terrific offering ahead of the forthcoming album.

“AMOR RENATUS’’ is a reflection on the tragic ongoing events in Ukraine. It delves deep into the darkest recesses of the human soul, unearthing a myriad of feelings universal to all wars: grief, indignation, fear, and despair. As the journey continues, the music guides the listener through a path to redemption and a spiritual transformation, allowing them to ultimately find peace, comfort, and empowerment. As artists, we are fortunate to have music as the most powerful means of emotional healing and be able to offer it as medicine for the soul to the listener as well,” Ian Maksin comments on the single and forthcoming album.

Be sure to check out, 'AMOR RENATUS (REBIRTH OF LOVE)':


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