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EVA releases warm new single "My One"

EVA is already an accomplished musician with a distinctive sound. Her unique offering blends Electronic music, House and UK Garage together - a sound that has been lauded by tastemakers and fans alike. Charitable organisations such as Youth Music, Sound Connections, Audio Active and H-Q-I, have all offered their full support also.

She's now back and set to make 2023 her year with her new single "My One." The track features a vibrant melting pot of pounding drums, heartwarming synths and grooving bass lines. Her vocals come soaked in personality, and drenched in neo-soul sensibilities. Lyrically, the track is emotionally and will be sure to connect with an audience.

Speaking about the single , she says: “My One’ is a playful anthem that incorporates the Jersey Club sound. The track uses the 160 BPM tempo used in Liquid, and the prominent kick sequence that characterises the Jersey Club sound - yet ‘My One’ holds its own sonic idiosyncrasies. These include a funky bassline break alongside syncopated snares created from sampling ASMR golf swing sounds, feeding into the song’s visual theme of golf.”

With upcoming gigs at Notting Hill Arts Club (March 8th) and at London Bridge (March 27th), there's no excuse to miss her equally infectious live show.

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