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Indie-emo outfit BIRCHES release inspiring single 'BE UNKNOWN'

BIRCHES are a band who don't shy away from their vulnerable side. The Northern Ireland quarter make what they call 'emo-indie' music that is hard hitting and straight to the point, delivered with a real gritty edge that sticks. Their new single 'BE UNKNOWN' is an honest and heartfelt alt-indie exploration that lays low in the verses, and unleashes an explosion of sonics in the euphoric chorus.

'You're not alone' are the lyrics that begin the cleverly gentle pre chorus by Liam Mcalinden, in a song that encourages talking and expressing your emotions, even if it doesn't work out in the end. A highly exciting band that reminds you of early Foals, there is so much raw energy bottled up by BIRCHES, and 'BE UNKNOWN' is a brilliant introduction to their offering.

Stream 'BE UNKNOWN' in full here:

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