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Indie-Folk Singer-Songwriter Meekoh Submerges Himself In Love in "From The River"

With a knack for blending the emotive lyricism we all love in folk music with the smooth, lush notes from indie soundscapes, Oregon-raised, LA-based singer-songwriter Meekoh is an artist that will not only put your mind at ease with his music, but make you feel better just by listening to his velvety, sometimes even crooning, vocals.

His new single "From The River" is a longtime coming for the songwriter. After stepping away from music for a number of years after dealing with self-doubt, he returns with a track that is overflowing with goodness — especially when you find out he wrote the song for the love of his life. “It was the first time I produced, wrote, and performed a song all by myself," he states. "I used real instruments on every part of the song because I wanted to create something that felt real and alive. A symbol of what love has given me.”

Literally finding himself flowing down a river, his new music video shows his sheer dedication to his craft. “I shot the first half of this video on the Deschutes river in my hometown of Bend, Oregon. It was my first time directing an entire music video with just a drone and also my first time floating down wild rapids while performing a song with a guitar! It was by far one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced. I had no idea where the river was going to take me which made it pretty difficult at times to get the right shot on the drone.

Check out the new song now.



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