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Indie rock artist Rich Chambers releases foot-stomping new release 'High School Can't Last Forever'

One of Canada's best-kept secrets, Rich Chambers could easily become a household name in a matter of months. Returning with soft rock single 'High School Can't Last Forever', the rocking new release merges early noughties rock with classic soft rock to create Rich's innovative sound.

Sharing his thoughts on the release, Rich Chambers explains, “High school often seems to represent that moment in our lives where anything is possible. It is our launching pad to life, so to speak. From that point, we all start to make decisions (or don't make decisions) that ultimately start each of us off down our own unique life path. “High School Can’t Last Forever” is a song that tackles this defining moment in our lives.

It begs the notion that those who follow dreams or take chances to go after something often live without regret; whereas, those who are never willing to take a chance or squash their dreams (for whatever reason) often live with regret and find themselves looking back to life's launching pad (high school), wishing they could launch again. It does this to the backbeat of an under three minute, timeless, rock n' roll soundtrack.”

Timeless and perfectly describing the 'best years of your life', 'High School Can't Last Forever' is youthful and innocent, yet still comes across as mature and confident.



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