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Indie-Rockers Yam Haus Release Explosive New EP ‘Stupid & Famous’

Minneapolis-based trio Yam Haus once again showcase their explosive Indie-Rock exploits with their latest EP, ‘Stupid and Famous’. This seven-song showcase, helmed by the acclaimed mixer/producer Tony Hoffer(Beck, Phoenix, and M83), promises a captivating blend of indie-rock instrumentation and infectious, pop influenced vocal lines.

Yam Haus's signature vibrant sound shines on this EP, showcasing a remarkable growth in songwriting maturity and musical complexity. With four of its tracks already released as singles ahead of the EP, including 'Rafters,' 'Sandcastle,' 'Stupid and Famous,' and ‘Shakin' Yer Hips’, the band finds itself at a crossroads between its beginnings and its current artistic evolution.

The EP's standout and new lead single, ‘So Long’, reflects on the band's journey to discover their authentic sound and artistic identity. Frontman Lars Pruitt describes this track as a musical departure from their earlier pop-synth style, adopting a grittier, guitar-led sound. Lyrically, it delves into personal struggles within the band, their worldview, and themselves.

Elsewhere, new tracks, ‘Little Contradictions’ and ‘Can’t See Anything’ showcase the bands ability to craft huge, stadium worthy choruses and infectious The Killers-esque guitar riffs.

Yam Haus's journey has been marked by transformation since their early days of creating pop music and maintaining a daily vlog on YouTube. While their approach to social media has evolved, their passion for making music and connecting with their audience remains unwavering as the band hope that ‘Stupid and Famous’ resonates with listeners and eagerly anticipate performing it live in clubs this fall.

Having amassed over 15 million streams, countless editorial placements, 20 million YouTube views, and a huge and ever growing following on social media, Yam Haus believes they are just scratching the surface of their potential.

Watch the new video for ‘So Long’ taken from the EP below:



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