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Baza Testdrive are a brand new project hailing from Austria's capital, and they bring what is something you may have never come across before. With multiple genres from hip-hop to jazz influencing this unbecoming trio, they delivered their debut single 'Roket' last week and can't get enough of it, so we caught up with them on how they made it.

Please talk us through the meaning of your powerful debut single 'Roket'

Roket is a mood of being invincible and most weak at the same time. It’s like the hype of the darkest hour of the night, a dangerous time full of tantalizing energy and clarity. Minds work different before dawn and the essence of that feeling went to the track.

What is it about 'Roket' that made you want to make it your debut single?

It’s simplicity and catchiness. It was the latest track we did before closing the album and we felt like, we should serve this while it’s still hot.

Do you all have to be in a certain mood to write?

We change every day, so nothing stays the same. moods change and create new feelings and this flows to the sound naturally. Every track is a mood, a certain feeling at a certain time, we couldn’t describe better but in music. Normally we just start the session and follow the feeling we get. No matter if we are high or low, sad or happy, we can always roll with it. we don’t really write, it develops by playing. Most of the times the lyrics build in my head while we arrange the instrumental and i just take a few rounds singing over the beat and we have it. If not i write some down. Different every time, main thing it stays intuitive.

How was the recording and writing process for 'Roket'?

We caught a groove quite fast, added some details and love and thats it. Sometimes it just flows. Most of the lyrics that are in the track now are the first takes from the top of my head. It was done in one night, which, regarding the change of moods, is the most pleasant and effective way for us to catch a certain vibe.

Where do you live? What’s the music scene like?

Currently we live in Vienna, even though it’s nobody's' hometown, but we love the open vibe of the city. The scene is diverse and international, you’ll find anything from experimental industrial music over Austrian trap to classical acts or raves.

Lastly, what's next for Baza Testdrive and their journey?

The Album is coming out on 9/15/2021, this is going to be interesting. Unfortunately the festivals we were about to play got cancelled due to the pandemic, but we’ll still arrange some nice gigs to test our live set. Meanwhile we are in the studio almost every day, so i guess we just continue what we do and see where that takes us.

Listen to 'Roket' here:

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