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BRÍDÍN is an experimental folk artist from Ireland. Her delicately woven brand of folk is simply breathtaking, and she uses traditional influences from her homeland combined with modern elements to make a really unique and captivating sound. She has just released her highly anticipated debut album, and lead single 'Running' featuring rapper MuRli is another spellbinding track from this diverse and quite brilliant songstress. We sat down with her to talk more about the release, exclusively for FLEX.

Hey Brídín, how are you? So, your new single 'Running' is out now - can you tell us what it is about?

Running is a track I wrote that helped me out of a dark space after a traumatic experience. I felt like running away and leaving the weight of the pain behind. I asked Murli to collaborate with me on this one because I love working with him and the Narolane crew when I play with Denise Chaila and knew he would understand my message and feeling and I think he did an amazing job! Where are you from and what are your favourite things to do there?

I’m from County Sligo in the north West coast of Ireland and we have some of the most beautiful beaches so I love being by the sea wave watching and surfing. I grew up in a very musical house so of course music is a big part of my life, playing Irish music sessions with friends and family and also writing and playing my own contemporary music. What are the key influences when it comes to your music?

I think the key influences from my music come from nature and also my work as a funeral director/embalmer. I appreciate life so much and all the people I’m lucky to have in my life because I experience and help people through their grief every day. It’s also an emotional outlet for me when I’m dealing with heavy cases. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to your music before?

By using my loop pedal, I’m creating layers of my vocals and harp along with my band to create an ethereal sound but with an edge. It’s like I’m creating my own world of sound, layer upon layer of melodies and taking you with me on a journey. There are elements of Irish music, jazz, pop and folk throughout and I love having no boundaries or rules. I call it ‘Contemporary Folk’ 'Running' is a very enriching and warm folk song. How was the recording and writing process for this one?

I really enjoyed the production process of ‘Running’. From the writing and arranging, I knew it was cool, but when we pieced it all together and added Murli to it, it became one of my favourites from the whole album.

Stream 'Running' in full here:

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