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INTERVIEW: Canadian/Jamaican rapper Lan'do around his first solo EP 'Man Like Me'

The rising rapper recently unveiled his first solo EP and we caught up with him to find out more about him, how his career started and his influences.

Your first solo EP 'Man like Me' is a blend of different genres. Is it important for you to keep experimenting with new sounds?

A. I'm a creature of the moment. Combine that with eclectic music tastes and you end up with an artist who just can't sit still. I do however try to maintain thematic and sonic cohesiveness for each individual project as to not confuse listeners. My search for new styles and flows is never ending and I don’t plan on changing that aspect of my artistry anytime soon. What inspires you to write music? Are you always writing from personal experiences?

A. I take inspiration from everyday life when writing music. Yes I draw primarily from personal experience or from stories of people close to me.

What message(s) do you want people to take from your music?

A. in all honesty I'm not necessarily looking to impart any particular message to anyone. When I listen to a song and like it's usually because I can relate to the lyrics in some way. I'd like to imagine that those who enjoy my music then you are similar to me and can relate to the story I'm telling. Or not to be honest because people can choose to give whatever meaning they want to my music

You started your career as part of the Toronto-based crew No Tourists - are you still a part of it?

A. Funny enough I actually started initially making music with my brother as part of the soundcloud hip hop duo DEADVERYSOON. In regards to No Tourists, we have albums worth of music yet to be dropped so be on the lookout. I'm definitely still a part of No Tourists. Our collective is similar to the justice league in that we all oversee our collective cities (we see ourselves as individual artists first) however should a global crisis arise, we will unite to save the day lol.

What can we wish you for the future?

More solo music is definitely on the horizon

Be sure to listen to the EP below:


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