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Early Bird is an innovative artist and rapper hailing from Pittsburgh now based in New York. A wordsmith and a pet in his own right, he approaches rapping with a real individual flow where he switches so seamlessly between singing and rapping. A highly interesting character, we sat down with him at FLEX to know more about his new single and video for 'A Lot' and much, much more.

Hey Early Bird! Tell us all about your new single 'A Lot'?

“A Lot” was recorded at Alchemy Studios. It’s funny how that song was created. I brought a beat to my engineer and he said he could make a better one. He made a better one on the spot in like 20-30 minutes and incorporated live guitar. I already had something recorded so we tweaked it a little to fit the beat. I wrote the rest of the song that day and recorded it. This song is really about the general theme of messing things up in different relationships, which I think is very relatable. I also like to include some other lyrics that go away from the subject to keep it fresh but that’s what the song is mostly about.

You have a real flow that finds that sweet spot between singing and rapping, has this always been a trait if yours?

Actually this wasn’t a trait of mine when I first started rapping. When I first started there was a lot more yelling and more aggressive tones. I’m sure this happened because I started rapping after my metal band broke up. I think I naturally went to this style because R&B was actually my number 1 starting from when I was a kid. Also this style is a lot more fun and comfortable for me. I love catchy music.

Tell us where your metal influences come from as this is such an interesting fact about as a hip-hop artist!

So my first genre was R&B and then I started listening to rap. It wasn’t until I was around 15 that I got into metal. I was in two metal bands that broke up. My metal influences were bands like The Acacia Strain, Miss May I, and Periphery. I always wanted to rap but never had the confidence so I figured having a band would be better for me. When my most recent band broke up I figured I don’t really care what people think of me anymore and I gained some confidence so I figured why not. I ended up writing everyday for two years and rapping is now a passion of mine.

Tell us about the meaning behind the video for 'A Lot'?

The music video starts of at a party and takes me on a wild trip. It kind of parallels how any simple relationship starts off fun/good then next thing you know you’re at a whole different place whether good or bad.

The video is so interesting and feels like it delves into something deeper, who was involved in the project?

So I shot this music video in Phoenix, Arizona with Chase Warren and his team which included Ian Baker, Kimball Olsen, and Cyler Resendez. He liked one of my other music videos on Instagram so I reached out to him. He told me whenever I’m in Phoenix I should hit him up to shoot. As you know I’m from buffalo. I was feeling real impulsive so I hit up some of my friends and said I’m gonna shoot a music video out in Phoenix so if y’all wanna come let’s do it I’m going regardless. 7 of my friends ended up coming and they helped out a lot along with chase’s team, Young Bennett, SDG, and the models we hired.

What's next for Early Bird, any shows coming up on an album?

So I plan on dropping an EP in the fall. It’s most likely gonna be late fall. I have a lot of songs to choose from. I have 4 shows coming up. I have one July 31st. It’s a Concert Crave showcase at Venu in Buffalo, NY. I got a show in Brooklyn August 12 with Lil Poof and AP YCM (shouts out 5L4L). I have another show in Buffalo August 24 at stamps. Then I have a show in Brooklyn August 30 at the Meadows. I like to stay busy!

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