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Elysia Marie is a multi-faceted power pop artist with a sound that is truly unique. Blending nuances of so many genres, her latest single 'Gonna Take A Woman' is a real throwback country pop-rock gem, reminiscent of heroes like Shania Twain and the likes. Her energy and euphoric songwriting ability results in a very catchy, yet charming piece of music that just sticks.

We sat down with Elysia to learn more about her new single, her approach to this track and what's next for the exciting Chicago based artist. Check it out below!


Hey Elysia, how are you doing?

I am good, my Flex family!! Thank you so much for having me on for my new single “Gonna Take A Woman”! <3

Sum up your new single 'Gonna Take A Woman' for us in three words!

Women’s - Empowerment - Rocker

What was the recording and writing process for it?

"Gonna Take A Woman" was one of my favourite songs to record. The writing process was a lot of fun. The idea came to us on a trip to Los Angeles. I was there with my team to open up for the Temptations. My partner and I were in the hotel room listening to music, and he shared the idea of writing the song. At the time, his only words were, “It might take a woman to solve all these man-made problems.” I fell in love with the concept because, hey, when your male partner shows up as an ally with a powerful idea like that, it is a sign to run with it. Plus, the song had the potential to address a myriad of issues that we witness every day but almost become numb to. All these thoughts started swirling around in my head about the social justice issues we could discuss. At my core, I am a social activist and an empath.

I grew up loving songs that had meaning and sparked dialogue, like "Man in the Mirror" and "Sign o The Times," so this concept was right up my alley. The next day, we went to the studio and shared the idea with producer Mikal Blue. He loved it as well. We began crafting a beat for it while writing the verses and hook. The first lines, “another new year, another new set of frustrations, nothing left to do here but pray another man can change them,” set the direction for the feeling of the song. We wrote the majority of the song in a day or two. After that, we made a few tweaks here and there until we got the song to the point where it is now. 

A big shout out to songwriter Damarr Salahudin, Tosha Marie, vocal engineer, engineer, producer, and songwriter Mikal Blue, and engineer Alex Medine. It was a blast writing and creating the song with them. We recorded vocals at Revolver Studios in Los Angeles and Classick Studios in Chicago.

Your music truly blends so many genres, from country to rock, where does this come from?

It really does!... and one of my favourite things about my artistry is that I pride myself in not fitting into one specific space or genre. I am an eclectic person, and I want my artistry to reflect that back to the world. The truth is, I'm a little bit of rock, pop, soul, country, and everything in between.


If a concept or music inspires me, I channel whatever that vibe is, and I am present with it and try to use it as an opportunity to grow as an artist and make it the best it can be.  


I think it makes me stand out as an artist, and I know it is the opposite of what “the industry” typically will tell an artist to do, but I LOVE that I delve into and sing/release multiple genres and deeply feel each of them! Honestly, it’s how I feel about life! Diversity of everything is beautiful!    


It makes it a lot more fun when I believe and really feel the lyrics too! Sometimes, that also brings out a character in me that adds to the song. For example, the song “Gonna Take A Woman” was originally written for a more acoustic-sounding production, which was more country/folk…. But the more I sang it, and the lyrics just resonated with me to be more of a rock song! Gritty and resilient feel! we went back to the drawing board to bring more of a rock tone to it! & I love this country rock-type vibe with this one.


I am all about just creating good music! No matter the genre!  


There is so much power in your music and it really shines through in 'Gonna Take A Woman', what's this song about?

Thank you so much for the compliment. It's genuinely appreciated. We spend a lot of time thinking about concepts we want to share with the world. We like to bring an atypical perspective to the forefront. 

So about the song, there are three main things we are trying to convey.

First, the song is centred around the fact that even in 2024, if you look at our political landscape, judicial system, and prominent businesses, most of the leadership representation is male. Although the percentages are shifting, this is still a global reality that has been the case for centuries. The second point of the song is to acknowledge some of the social injustices prevalent in our society.

We could have listed many more issues but decided to hone in on a few. Lastly, we wanted to make people think about a world where the dynamics were flipped, and if more women were at the table tackling these issues, would the world be different? We make generalisations about women bringing more heart, soul, peace, and understanding to the table when solving problems, but ultimately, different perspectives and experiences at the table breed different results. It's a hypothetical, which I may never see, but it is worth a conversation. 

It feels like your music hits all age ranges, is that always a consideration when writing?  

You are amazing with this observation because it is precisely true. I have fans and supporters in the collegiate demographic, and also adult contemporary. I have sung the same songs in the past to each demographic, and have had people come up to me telling me how it impacted them differently and sometimes in the same ways as others.


It is really beautiful to experience in those moments because music is always a connector between different generations and times.


It is not always a consideration; but I think it naturally comes into play based on how I present myself as an artist and how I aspire to inspire and write about things that represent things in the world that matter. Also, depending on the feel of the production we are working on, I might hone into the sound, style, and character of that song, and sometimes, that will really pull out what is needed to resonate naturally with different demographics.


In this song specifically, you have a generation right now who are taking a stand to fight for social justice causes; they are not afraid to use their voices, and there are more % of young voters than ever before and songs like this that I want to inspire ALL women and Allies!... no matter your demographic; that you have the power inside of you to make a difference, use your voice and stand up for what you believe in!  

And lastly, what's coming up in 2024 for Elysia Marie for our readers?

I will perform the National Anthem at the Capital City Cage Fight Championships in Lansing, MI, hosted by Ron Deleon Promotions! This is a sold-out show and will be a FUN night! I will also perform a special set at intermission with a couple of the new songs! We are continuing to book shows in the Midwest to promote "Gonna Take A Woman." I appreciate all the love I have been getting, specifically in Illinois and Michigan. 


We are releasing a bunch of new music in 2024, so please be on the lookout. We have "Persecute Me" and "Be The One" on the way, and I am working on an amazing collaboration with an awesome artist, Tosha Marie.

I am also working on a cool show contract in Chicago for May and working to book my next tour and show lineup for this spring and summer here in the Midwest!  


If you are reading this, and want to book me, email me at or

Check out 'Gonna Take a Woman' by Elysia Marie:


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