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Flight to Moonlight is the moniker for London based artist, producer and songwriter Adam Baring, who crafts together his own little world of jazz influenced dace-pop that we can all find a relation and rhythm to.

His latest single 'Stary Tiles' features a stunning performance from a female vocalist, all about returning to the dance floors we all craved during the pandemic that swallowed us all up for a long minute. We caught up with Adam on this and also got to know him a little better...


Hey Flight to Moonlight! How are you? How has this past year been for you?

I have mixed emotions when it comes to the last year, on the one hand it was very inconvenient and dull, I ended up losing my job but on the other hand it gave me a lot of time to do things like work on my music and reflect on things and led to me doing a bit of a career change and moving to Lisbon

With everything that happened last year, was your creativity affected?

Not that I’m aware of, if anything it was good for my creativity as it just gave me more time and headspace to write music with less distractions.

How would you describe your music to someone who's never heard it before?

Now you’ve just dropped your new single “Stary Tiles”, talk us through the production process?

I guess generally I would describe the music I make as alternative pop although 'Stary Tiles' has more of a disco funk influence to it. It was really meant to be a feel-good song to get the kids dancing again you know.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

I’ve got no idea!

What was the inspiration behind "Stary Tiles"?

Sometimes there are just songs that you love so much that you’re just like, damn I need to make a song like that and this song came about as a response to Baby I’m Yours by Breakot which has been a favourite of mine for year.

Lastly, what's next for Flight to Moonlight?

Well thanks to my nice stretch of fun-employment last year I have a whole batch of songs that I’m looking to put out so I’m hoping to be able to drop a track a month going forward and try and shoot as many videos for that as possible and hopefully grow a bit of a fan base.

Listen to 'Stary Tiles' here:

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