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Heavy Hinges are an explosive quintet deeply rooted in Americana fused with a modern rock round. The Ohio 5-piece have been busy in 2022 and released their new album 'Cellophane Rose' in December, 9 songs showcasing the bands full rock ensued repertoire. A pandemic record, we sat down with them to learn more about the process of recording the album, how they feel about it now and much more, exclusively for FLEX:


Hey Heavy Hinges, welcome to FLEX! Sum up your sound in three words please?

ANDREW: soulful, joyful, hopeful.

DYLAN: Sublime American Ruckus

MAYA: soul blues rock

Your third album 'Cellophane Roses' is out now! Do you feel like you learn and grow as a band with each body of work?

MAYA: This is the most cohesive album that we have ever created. This Is our fourth

Album (plus an ep) and each album has felt more assured. We are lucky to share the collective consideration for always wanting to write songs and create art/ bc that just propels us into fun new experiences.

Favourite track from the album (each member please!)

MAYA: Trouble Is

BRIAN: “I'd have to say Blood On The Pavement… but I really do like them all!”

Andrew: Unstoppable

Kirk: “I really like how Dream About You turned out.”

Dylan: “Cellophane Rose”

This album really showcases your breadth of sound and sonics, who/where does this stem from mostly in the group or is it a joint effort?

ANDREW: I think it stems from us being, not just open, but eager to hear each other's ideas on how a given song will take shape. We respect each other's tastes and opinions and really enjoy collaborating. Our songs develop more layers and nuance when all of us have input.

The vocals from Mayalou really bring a whole new dimension to the cutting edge rock sound, was this the aim from the beginning?

DYLAN: We rehearsed these songs and played them out live for a long time before we recorded them. Our main goal was just to capture a performance that caught the song’s emotions. We recorded most of these songs in about two takes. We try to cradle the melody created by Maya’s beautiful voice with the strongest rhythms and harmonies that we can.

And lastly, are there any plans to tour the album?

MAYA: We would love to tour ......

Stream 'Cellophane Rose' here:

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