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Joe Fox and his Frantics talk us through their seamless and effortlessly suave new release 'Cool'. A certain charm and wit come across from this band, who soak us up in their indie rock goodness...

Please talk us through the meaning of your fittingly titled new single 'Cool'

Cool is a summer swagger song. We wanted to write a summer anthem that people could play to hype themselves up before a night out or a day on the beach. I love songs that make you feel cool just by listening to them.

What is it about 'Cool' that made you want to make it your next single?

I think we wanted to pick cool as our next single because it felt like something universal that people could relate to. It felt like the perfect song for summer 2021 so it was one of those rare moments where the universe aligned. Mark Ne

edham and Brian Lucey worked really hard with us to mix and master cool to get it ready in time for summer.

Do you have to be in a certain mood to write?

I definitely prefer to be relaxed and having fun when I write. My writing partners/producers Aaron Edwards and Corey Walles are really good at creating a fun, relaxing environment that helps all the creative energy flow. We listen to a lot of music (Dua Lipa and Arctic Monkeys lately) and just get in a good space.

How was the recording and writing process for 'Cool'?

Cool all started when Aaron and I went for a drive in LA and we were listening to music to inspire a writing session. At some point in the drive In Da Club came on and we got the idea to write an indie song to a break beat, because we hadn’t heard a lot of indie songs built on a beat like that. Pretty quickly I went through lyric ideas on my phone and we landed on the hook “Keep Your Cool”. After that the process just exploded.

Where do you live? What’s the music scene like?

I live in Los Angeles. It’s a really inspiring music city because it feels like everyone is working on something creative. When you’re around that amount of amazing, creative people you can’t help but feel inspired. Lastly, what's next for Joe Fox & The Frantics and their journey?

Next for the band is another single and some shows. Haze will be dropping this fall and after that we’re dying to get back on the stage! Connecting with people in person is why I got into music in the first place. There’s nothing more fulfilling than playing for a live audience.

Listen to 'Cool' here:

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