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Last Giant are Portland's new answer to 'traditional' rock 'n' roll. A band who have been on the scene for a credible amount of time, this trio approach music in the good old fashioned way and have since released three albums and on the verge of their fourth studio record.

For fans of Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, Last Giant take you back to those golden 90s days full of rock and nothing else, with soaring guitars and vocals that have you singing along without care, and we simply had to learn more about this outfit.

Their latest single 'Hell On Burnside', taken from their new album 'Monuments', is a euphoric alt-rock track that is uplifting yet serious, with luscious licks and personality shining through. We sat down with Last Giant to learn more about their sound, the new single and record at FLEX. Enjoy!


Hey Last Giant! How's it going? Describe our music for us in 3 words please?

Hello, it’s going well thanks. Three words? Hmmm, I guess Light, Dark, Epic

Tell us all about your new single 'Hell On A Burnside’!

We live in Portland, OR and the Main Street that divides the city East to West is Burnside. It also separates the North and South quadrants so one could say the whole city connects at Burnside. Burnside has every aspect of American life on it from the mansions in the east to the homeless camps on the west, the blue collar and gangs in the south and the hipsters and gentrifiers in the North. Hell on Burnside is the story of a woman that has lived every corner of Burnside but was only ever the Queen of the west side. It’s about making a decision of where you want to be no matter the pain one has been through.

What was the recording and writing process like for this one?

Oh boy, that is a rough one. We went through a lot to complete this album. Writing started in spring of 21’ after we released a live album and video called ‘Live from the Hallowed Halls’. At the time I had been living in between states and after the live album I was living in three different states and was writing wherever I could. We reconnected with our bass player, Palmer Cloud in 22’ and were able to meet up here and there but the songs weren’t ready until August of 22’. We recorded basics with Adam Pike(Red Fang) at Echo Echo here in Portland but the board blew as well as some amplifiers so we only got Bass and Drums. I spent the next 3 months recording in my home studio and doing vocals from the road between Oregon, California and Idaho. It was the 1st mix but it didn’t go so well. I then went for the 2nd mix and that didn’t go so well so finally we ended up having our buddy Paul Malinowski(Shiner, Failure) mix and 3rd time's the charm. We went to master and the 1st master didn’t work then to a 2nd and that didn’t quite do it so 3rd time went to Stephan Hawkes(Shelter Red, Rise Record) and that was the winner. This seems to have been the album of thirds. We have worked so hard though, we are proud of this record and all though we thought of throwing in the towel along the way I am so glad we stuck with it and are able to deliver this album to the world. We hope someone's listening

The video is brilliantly done! Whose idea was this originally?

Oh thanks! That is the brilliant Brian D. Nelson at Fine Focus in LA. He is our cohort and compadre. That was all his idea as our most of our videos. We brainstorm a bit but he is the owner of that awesomeness. He is the greatest, and has been a best friend since 1st grade. I’ve been trying to get him to play guitar in the band with us for years but it hasn’t happened, guess he’s sticking to the videos. He knows there’s always a spot on the ax for him though!

Watch the video for 'Hell On Burnside' here:

What do you want listeners to take away from 'Hell On A Burnside'?

Well most importantly I want listeners to shake their ever-loving ass to it but I feel lyrically it is always open to interpretation. If the words mean something to a listener and they can connect with the song that is the ultimate experience. We are all alive on this rock until we aren’t so anyway we can connect is the only thing that matters. I hope people can find a connection, slow down and listen

Your music instills a real nostalgic feeling, is this through your influences as a band?

I suppose it is. I am a believer that I should have been coming up in the 70’s. To me that is the most expansive decade for music and art. Ground was being broken at every turn. Can you imagine the first time ’Superstitious’ was ever played on the radio? ‘Kashmir’, ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’, ‘Money’, ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’- the list goes on forever and in every genre- Rock, R&B, Disco, Country, Punk. Everything since just seems like an imitation except nowadays humans don’t really play instruments for the most part.

You've got quite a year ahead, when is your 4th studio album 'Monuments' set for release?

June 9th, 2023

And finally, tell us where our readers can follow your band and music!

Please check us out at , or your favorite streaming service.


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