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Interview - Laura Musgrave

The UK-based singer-songwriter and producer Laura Musgrave writes straight from the heart. She gives listeners the feeling that they’re living and breathing the emotions in the song. As if someone cracked their heart open and poured it into lyrics and melodies.

She returns with her brand-new single ‘Almost’, featuring a sing-along chorus with powerful lyrics about having the courage to walk away from a love that falls short. The songstress is excited about this release, showcasing her natural ability and personal development in the music industry. While Laura Musgrave's catalogue reflects her candid attitude, her unrivaled inventiveness enables her to easily move between pop and rock.

We sat down with Laura Musgrave to discuss her music and much more. Here's what she had to say:

Hey Laura Musgrave, welcome to FLEX! How are you?

Hi! I’m really well, thank you. Excited to be here to answer your questions…

Congratulations on your brand-new single ‘Almost’ - what inspired this particular track?

I was talking with a friend about those experiences where you’re dating or in a relationship with someone, and you can tell their heart’s just not in it. It feels like it’s a little too one-sided between you. I wanted the song to be about having the courage to walk away from that type of situation.

And do you have to be in a certain mood to write?

I’m pretty good at jotting down little pieces of inspiration as I think of them these days. That means I’ve got a stock of ideas going most of the time and I don’t have to wait for inspiration to strike to write. I set times for writing, and then use my collection of notes to help me get into writing a song. It took me a while to get used to that process but I love it now.

How was the recording and writing process?

For ‘Almost’, I’d written and recorded an initial draft of the song myself. It was quite rough around the edges at that stage, and needed a lot of work, but I really liked the idea. I then teamed up with fellow UK-based songwriter Craig Taylor to re-write the song.

After that, I started recording here in the UK, and sent my takes through to my producer, Becky Willard. She oversaw bringing the final song to life, with the rest of the instruments being recorded in the USA.

For viewers who don’t know Laura Musgrave, how would you describe your sound?

I make pop-rock with confessional lyrics. I love a catchy melody and personal lyrics, blended with crunchy guitars! It’s the sort of music that’d fit well on a playlist with artists like Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Taylor Acorn.

And what are some of those activities that you engage yourself in when you aren't writing or recording in the studio?

I’m working on learning Japanese, which is a fun challenge. I can speak a little bit, but still have a long way to go! I also enjoy photography, so that’s a good prompt to get out of the studio and take some photos of the great outdoors.


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