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Toronto based singer-songwriter and artist Lexxicon has found a rhythm we can all dance to. His euphoric blend of dancehall pop and vibrant, colourful instrumentation, makes you feel like you're on a trip to another world entirely. His latest offering 'Back To You' is the second single taken from his third album 'Tropican Islands' and it's a highly moving track will transcend you beyond the realms of reality and transport you to that Caribbean island that we all could do with right now.

We caught up with him, talking about all things Lexxicon; the new single and more:

Hey Lexxicon! Good to speak to you again. What's new with you since the last time we spoke?

I think the only thing that's new is more stress while keeping busy. I'm also even more excited about the upcoming project and trying to get back into my gym routine.

You've returned with another simply beautiful new single. Please tell us all about 'Back To You'?

Back To You is about running back to your ex that you know you shouldn't. It's about ignoring all the red flags and signals and just following your heart. It's also about learning more about yourself through that process and trying to do better each time and really growing your own self control in the process.

Your music seems to transcend beyond the norm of the everyday, what are the main influences that have stemmed through to you?

I think the main influences are just life and going back to emotions. I always want to make songs that make me feel something and want to move. Also really drawing from Pop music influences Like Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, & Dua Lipa in creating moments.

'Back To You' is a real vibrant mover, tell us about how you managed to create this sound?

It was really close collaboration with my producer Artefacts Music, really having a clear sonic vision for the project and not being afraid to try new things and add unique sounds. I also draw from so many different genres but in my own way where I feel the songs sound like me and express what I want listeners and fans to feel.

It seems to be the next chapter from 'Power Over Me', is this the story you're trying to tell with each release?

Yes it is another chapter and there is an overall story for the whole album and each song taps into a part of it like a puzzle piece. But when you hear the full project you will see how it all fits together to create a bigger picture. The story of the ups and down of an intimate connection through various life situations.

What part of the songwriting and creative process do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy the part where I get to pick a direction for the next batch of songs I want to create. I also love writing a song's hook and the feel when it really meshes perfectly with the production. And I also just love all the things that come after the song is done, like planning the photoshoot theme and coordinating that with the sounds of hte songs. Planning the music video shoot and just the overall rollout.

And lastly, what can we expect from your third album 'Tropicon Island'?

You can expect to feel like you are taking a vacation trip to a new island paradise. With some sexy slow jams, uptempo party sounds and some moody tunes for a long drive. You can expect the songs to be stuck in your head for days!! It's honestly my best project yet and I'm very happy with how it came out and can't wait to share it with the world.

Listen to 'Back To You' here:

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