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Get To Know: Soulful Performer, Songwriter & Producer Marq Electronica

1. Growing up, who were your musical idols?

I have too many to mention but I was always a fan of big soul singers like Chaka Khan (Aint Nobody is my favourite song) or Aretha Franklin and the old swing superstars like Ella Fitzgerald, her version of Night and Day by Cole Porter sends chills down my spine, then musically I moved onto the new Jack Swing Sounds specifically Jam and Lewis and the phenomenal Janet Jackson, her "Rythm Nation 1814" album was inspired. Then I moved into The Brand new heavies soul/disco sound and house and dance music artists like Barbara Tucker and Inner City and the acid Jazz vibe and nu soul era . Idols would definitely be The Freemasons, Massive Attack, Gorgon City, Camelphat and Chase and Status, they capture a feeling so well. If you asked me tomorrow there would be another plethora of artists. 2. What do you enjoy most about performing?

I think I get a massive kick out of seeing people dance and enjoy my music live and transferring the creative moment into something I can share. 3. Tell us about your most treasured track on your new album 'Savage Times'...

I must admit I can't choose one because I spent a long time choosing tracks for the album so in a sense all are my favourites. "Next To Nothing" has a story close to my heart with a strong,funky, synth bassline but the piano and drums and lyrics on "You Do What You Want" are really something, but "I'm waking up to you" is the winner outright it's got a long intro with disco style strings but a naughty synth undercurrent all about waking up to abusive people and moving on after a traumatic time. 4. What's your fave part of songwriting - writing lyrics or production?

It's a bit of both, but the production side means I can pull it all together. 5. When did you learn to sing, Marq - great voice! Wow. Thank you. A while ago I had vocal coaching and they taught me about head, throat and chest voice. I was originally more of a show tunes guy singing songs from musicals but I wanted a more soulful edge and they helped with that . The voice is like any other muscle. It needs exercise and rest etc. so I'm careful and singing covers gigs regularly keeps my vocal chords warmed up.

Make sure to listen to Marq Electronica's new album 'Savage Times':

For more, check out Marq's Instagram:

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