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Korean-American, blossoming rapper Resilience is taking the drill scene by storm. July welcomed the arrival of his single 'Scar' which accumulated over 150,000 streams and notable support from renowned publication Clash Magazine.

Following the release of his latest ferocious affair 'Opp Pack', we caught up with Resilience to discuss the production process behind his releases, collaborations, favourite rappers and his forthcoming EP.


Hi Resilience, thanks for joining us here at Flex. Let’s start by talking about how you started your career as an artist - what influenced you to become a rapper?

Honestly, one of my main influences in becoming a rapper had to do with my anger issues, being good at writing in school, and then dealing with those anger issues through my writing. Writing lyrics and looking at other peoples lyrics was the only literature I really fucked with.

You dropped your sure-fire single ‘Scar’ in July with an incredible official music video - what does this track mean to you?

“Scar” comes from feeling some time of way at the time, feeling that anger, being with Boomer1x and E Hitta and putting that through in the music. It’s just a funnel for our raw feelings.

Can you walk us through the production processes behind ‘Scar’ - how did you create it and what inspired the music video?

Musically, I came across this really dark and cinematic Jess Murph TikTok of all things, and it just hit me - you know how something just catches you and you’re like “That, that’s it!!” - I was on my way to the studio at the time, and honestly that combined with the fact that my producer a G.O.A.T. is what gets you “Scar”, and the video just matches that raw energy.

The track also features Connecticut drill rappers Boomer1x and E Hitta - how did this collaboration come into place?

How did this come about? I mean that’s gang for real, you feel me? We know the same people, E Hitta I know from being around The Manor, and Boom he know the people around The Manor, we were all doing our own thing, so it just made sense that we just came together as we naturally would.

We’re really enjoying the heavy hip-hop and drill vibe that you both bring to your releases. What would you both say are your strongest influences in the scene right now?

For Drill, right now, the biggest influence has got to be Bizzy Banks. I gotta give him the ups because he pioneered this. Bizzy took it, and Pop [Smoke] took it and boomed it up - but Bizzy, is who I gotta give it to.

Who are your three most influential rappers of all time?

My three, has gotta be: Eminem for the lyricism and milestones and paving a lane in a genre defined by black culture. Second I gotta go Pop Smoke for how he really blew up the drill scene and really made it a thing, even more than it already was. Last but not least for sure I gotta go Lil Wayne, because you know, it’s Lil Wayne.

Other than being an artist, what other passions or hobbies do you both have in life?

I like to work out, I’m athletic, I like to play ball when I can, much as I can for a short king… well I’m not that short, I’m like 5’9” 5”10”, maybe that’s cap, I don’t know. I’m also artistic, I like to do some graphic art, draw and do photography. Other than that just be with gang, maybe go to a car meet, game, whatever!

What can we expect to see next from Resilience? Are there any upcoming releases or collaborations you’d like to mention?

I got much more content on the way, I got a new EP in the works due out soon so keep an eye out with an announcement for that. You might see a feature or two on there as well, maybe an appearance from Wan Billz or The Legendary Rella but we’ll see. Thanks for having me!


'Opp Pack (feat. Boomer1x)' by Resilience is out now.


Check out Resilience's ferocious single 'Scar' alongside Boomer1x and E Hitta


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