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Roswell is a highly versatile alternative artist from Acworth, America. Blending explosive rock music with his unique and raw vocals, he holds a lot of power in what he says and puts across in words. His new single 'without u' is exactly that, and implements plenty of guitar riffs, energy and most impressively of all, quality. We sat down with this exciting songwriter to learn more about what makes him tick, exclusively for FLEX.

Hey Roswell, Tell us all about your news single 'without u'!

“without u” is a step in a new direction. For me it’s a mixture of the more alternative sounds I’ve been working with along side pop elements. It’s a reprise of sorts that’s filled with emotions of smiling through the tough times. While also acknowledging the lesson we learn from those we meet.

Who or what are your musical influences?

My biggest influence has been artists who just don’t believe in the traditional rules of making music. My ear constantly evolves and I love people who take risks. Artists who currently invoke creativity for me are Andre 3000, Jean Dawson , Earl Sweatshirt , Dijon , and Tyler the creator those are the biggest.

Stream 'without u' in full here:

For readers that don’t know Roswell, how would you describe your sound?

Experimental to say the least, my time here is to break the boundaries of genre and music. I am anti genre.

What plans do you have for 2023?

Staying active and showing my creativity in many different outlets.

Finally, what’s one fun fact about yourself for our readers?

I have this weird fixation for empty spaces or large spaces . It’s why musically I try to make everything atmospheric I like the feeling of vastness.


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