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Tim Clark is one of the most esteemed and experienced DJs around. Two decades later he is still releasing captivating tech house music that sets himself apart from the rest. He has just dropped another hit single 'Dream Walk', another pulsating bass dance track that will once again appease his global audience who has so credibly built up. We sat down with Tim to speak about him, his new music and what's next, exclusively for FLEX.

Hey Tim, welcome to FLEX! Please describe your music and sound for our readers?

My music is prominently trance house. When I DJ I try to play all genres in my live sets, I’d play country if I can. when I produce its future rave/house.

You're a very accomplished DJ who has performed in and around the circuit for a long time. Do you still love it now just as much as you did when you first started?

Absolutely Yes the DJ part I love a lot, I think I have a mixing addiction.

Please tell us all about your new single 'Dream Walk', it's HUGE!

Ya it’s my future rave single release of many. I absolutely love it. I got about 20 new originals on the shelf that’s just waiting to be released. I’m probably going to start releasing every 2 weeks. The public has got it to hear it.

Stream 'Dream Walk' here:

What inspired this song and its creation?

I just wanted to get back to my trance routes, I have dance stuff and love that I went toward my routes on Dream Walk.

What's next for Tim Clark?

Live touring I booked all over the world till the end of the year I got 3 days in Thailand, Miami, Cabo, Las Vegas.

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