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Interview w/ Larry Thomas Moore Jr.

Following the release of his latest single 'Same Way', Flex caught up with American singer-songwriter Larry Thomas Moore Jr. to find out more about his latest single and approach to music.

1. Who are some of your biggest musical influences, both past and present?

"I’ve always loved listening to a lot of older music. People like Ray Charles, Sam and Dave, Willie Nelson and all of the older country acts.  I’ve got a tremendous amount of respect for what Chris Stapleton has been doing. I do love the Gorrilaz and a lot of 90’s hip hop.  I love 90’s rock because that was my time."

2.  Could you share any memorable moments or experiences that have shaped your musical journey so far?

"My musical journey has been curtailed by having to provide a living for myself and not relying on music to do that.  I remember opening up for OK Go right after they won a Grammy (I believe) for their music video. I also opened for Perry Ferrel of Jane’s Addiction.  Both times I wasn’t able to stay and hang out with the other bands because I had a concrete delivery at 7:00 am!"

3.  Are there any particular themes or messages that you aim to convey through your music?

"Sometimes I write about my own life, sometimes it’s just a story. My most recent recordings have been on the personal side. Each song is different, which is an obvious statement, but the mood I’m in at the time I’m writing a song can dictate its nature."

4. Can you talk about your creative process and how you go about writing and producing your music?

"If I have an idea it usually starts as a rough phone recording.  Occasionally I’ll use some recording software on my computer to layer some different ideas down.  I have a wonderful producer, Earl Baumgardner at Warehouse231. Once I’ve bounced a few of my recordings and ideas to him we hop in the studio. I rarely sit down with the intention to just write a song.  I will start with the music before lyrics.  Usually I’ll just be piddling around when I hear something I like and expand on it."

5. You've just released your latest single 'Same Way' could you tell us a bit more about it? 

"Same Way came together quickly.  It’s about admitting your faults, accepting defeat, but not exactly giving up or conceding. I’m not a great slide player but can half ass it enough to get a decent recording. This is the first time I’ve done solo studio work performing all instruments myself, except for the drums. I’m awful on the drums!"

6. What is one piece of advice you'd tell your younger self about getting into the music industry? 

"It is as wonderful as it is defeating. It can provide the best of times and also rejection with disappointment. Hearing one person sing your lyrics back to you is a great feeling and enjoy the times it does happen. Music can be very selfish as in you can use it to make yourself feel better. Try and find any occasion that you can make someone else feel better with the way you play, perform and write."


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