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Interview w/ Nathan Morris

We sat down with the very talented Nathan Morris starts his 2023 on a high. He speaks about his new release 'Dangerous', as well as his future plans. Be sure to check out the track at the bottom!

Hi Nathan Thanks for doing this interview with us. Would you like to tell us a little bit

about the meaning behind the song?

It's safe to say much of what we do is "thankless". Gratification is not always required, but as a funeral director, in the thick of COVID, suiting up night in and night out next to my team, became nearly impossible, mentally. Being something solid for someone else, or in this case, everyone it seemed, yet no one was that for me. "Dangerous" was written to acknowledge the truth behind neglecting your mental and personal wellbeing for the sake of something greater than you. A confession of sorts. That's what Dangerous is.

How would you describe the album to someone who’s never heard of you?

Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes walk into a bar. They start drinking bourbon, pale ales and vodka and orange juice. Pen and paper is in front of each other them on the bar top, and they write what they witnessed, having just come from a funeral. They do this every day for two years straight. This album is filled with dark secrets and lighthearted day dreams, all while a pandemic literally surrounded and consumed my every thought.

You have a big following on Tiktok, which is a big platform for music now. How do you find releasing music has changed with platforms like Tiktok?

Who would have thought it would be a viral video about a funeral home embalming room that caused this catapult? There is such excitement around being able to get something I'm so happy and proud of to listeners. It's freeing and relieving. There's this elimination of pressure to a degree. Music being pushed out on TikTok essentially removes a "Shelf life." It is not uncommon to consistently have your songs find new fans each and every day, year after year. Follow that up with their ability and freedom to share how it impacts them through story, skit or dance is epic.

What was your process of writing this time, and did it differ from your previous releases?

FaceTime! I called my producer, Nathan Walters, and said, "I want to write and record a record WHILE it's happening." So, between funerals and visitations, death calls and meetings, we'd schedule sessions to write. Many were interrupted. We did the same for recording. I recorded vocals above one of my funeral home locations in a studio we built, while he remoted in from Nashville, or Capitol's Studio in LA, and we'd track. The power of technology. It was authentic and never forced. Nathan Dantzler from The Hit Lab mastered the project. The Three Nathans!

How do you balance all of your creative output, alongside your life in business?

My business is always creative; no one wants to hear about a funeral home. So, how do you make it tolerable to hear about a funeral home? That's my brain all the time. Throw in stories, and some of the most incredible ones at that, it is quite natural to have and find space to write. When you think about it, there's a beautiful parallel with funerals and music. You can't have a beautiful funeral and memorial without beautiful music and song. You can't create a beautiful song if you haven't experienced trials, grief and loss.

What impact would you like this track to have on your fans or listeners?

The freedom and safety to know it's not weak to share you need help. That things got too heavy to carry alone. We shoulder a lot as it is. People deserve support just as the next person they've already been supporting at the cost of themselves! You're worthy to be loved and cared for.

What are your future plans for touring, releasing etc.?

We're booking shows for fall now! We've been building this incredible team, the show is ready, and we look forward to connecting with so many soon! TikTok music collaborations are happening and we're excited about what comes of those! I'm just grateful to be present. I forecast all day long at the funeral homes; where we're acquiring next, who goes where, but with this musical journey, sitting and connecting, being present is awesome!


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