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IOTA return with the soaring new single 'Hollow'

Ever since their earliest beginnings, Bristol-based IOTA have always looked to add a more atmospheric flair to their driven alt-rock ideals. And after the stellar support they received for last year's single 'Medicine', the four-piece are back once again to deliver their soaring new offering 'Hollow'.

Much like their explosive run of releases over the years, their newest effort is another shining example of their progressive direction to date. Filling itself with thunderous hooks and some incredibly impactful vocals, 'Hollow' ends their months-long break with one of their most captivating efforts yet.

Adding about the track, lead singer Jodie said, “We wrote Hollow as it's something close to our heart and a battle so many people face behind closed doors. We hope Hollow gives perspective and shows strength and fight between depression and mental health issues and that you are not alone.”

With so much flair and finesse coursing through them right now, IOTA find themselves in fine form as they look to continue their impressive ascent across the scene.



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