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Irene Skylakaki's Brand New Music Video for 'Under Water'

Dainty and delicate, ‘Under Water’ is a song that is as poignant as they come. Penned and performed by Greek alternative indie-folk singer-songwriter Irene Skylakaki, it was unveiled last winter as a segment of her album ‘Souvenir’, and she has decided to partner with young filmmaker and photographer Lilena Marinou to produce accompanying visuals that transport the song to a far deeper level.

Shot in New York City, the video depicts two lovers as they struggle with their relationship, with feelings of sorrow, isolation and loss beaming from the fluttering black and white fragments. Whilst the opening is melancholy, there is a striking switch to liberation and freedom as the short film concludes; a light at the end of the tunnel that encourages those watching to battle onwards if they resonate with the emotions shown.

Describing the creative process, Lilena elaborates “Irene and I were able to confide in each other, through our work, the feeling of being overwhelmed by memories of loss, where our oxygen dwindled and disappeared.” Expanding further, “but through that we were also able to realize a moment of release: a vehement whirlwind that shatters darkness. Her music and my visuals are a self-soothing concoction of opening up to the world again”.

The track itself is powerful despite its intimacy, as plucks of acoustic guitar cushion Irene’s heartfelt lyricism, which evokes gorgeous imagery from a listener perspective. As male harmonies enter and create a stunningly layered soundscape, the song takes a hauntingly beautiful turn, that feels both hopeful and heart breaking.

This enchanting offering is one of Irene Skylakaki’s finest, and following on from the success of ‘Souvenir’, she looks set to have a promising year ahead of her.

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