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Irish artist Enda Mulloy captivates on his euphoric debut album 'Notions In Midlife Crisis'

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut solo single 'Battens Down The Hatches' in 2021, Irish singer-songwriter Enda Mulloy has been on a vibrant journey of innovative self-discovery. Finding and cultivating a new aesthetic for himself with a run of dynamic offerings in recent years, he is now back to bring all of that adventurous spirit under one roof as he releases his long-awaited debut album 'Notions In Midlife Crisis'.

After dropping a handful of singles throughout the last couple of years, it has been clear that Mulloy stands as one of the more passionate names on the rise, and 'Notions In Midlife Crisis' only validates those initial expectations. With a wonderfully warm and heartfelt approach to both his songwriting and production, this new LP is a warm and invigorating return from a name we are more than a little excited about.

With a strong nod to his humbled folk roots, whilst also maintaining a euphoric indie-rock drive throughout, 'Notions In Midlife Crisis' sets Enda Mulloy on the scene as a beautifully wondrous artist in his field. Rarely faltering or finding a dull moment from beginning to end, we can't wait to hear where he plans to take his triumphant journey next.

Enjoy 'Notions In Midlife Crisis' below.

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