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  • Alice Smith

Irish Indie-Rock/Pop Band 'The Valmonts' Drop Latest Single 'Love Overdose'

Irish four-piece Indie-Rock/Pop band ‘The Valmonts’ drop their latest single ‘Love Overdose’ following the successful release of their sophomore single ‘Me & Myself Again. With influences ranging from INXS to New Radicals and Blossoms, The Valmonts have curated a sound that is simultaneously new and nostalgic.

In 'Love Overdose,' the band delves into their rockier side, skillfully blending catchy indie riffs and vibrant synths with infectious chorus lines and pulsating drum beats. The result is a track that promises to ignite indie-dancefloors on both sides of the Irish Sea. The song captures the essence of being overwhelmingly infatuated with someone and the intensity that such emotions can bring.

The Valmonts explain the track further, “Love Overdose looks through the lens of a spiralling relationship with an on-and-off again dynamic. The longing compulsion they experience for one another takes them on a rollercoaster of love, hate, and deception. It mirrors the importance of moving on and the self-entrapment being hung up on someone can cause.”

Throughout 2023, The Valmonts have been making significant strides in their music career. They've performed extensively across Ireland before relocating to Dublin. The year has already seen them supporting Ireland's Eurovision representatives, 'WILD YOUTH,' and headlining a sold-out show at Dublin's Whelan's. Their sophomore single, 'Me & Myself Again,' garnered widespread support from various media outlets, including Hot Press, RTE Entertainment, GIGWISE, RTE 2XM, and Music-Crowns.

Now, with the release of 'Love Overdose,' the band aims to build on this momentum as they gear up for the festival season and anticipate the upcoming release of their debut EP later this year. The Valmonts continue to impress with their unique and captivating sound, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what's to come from this talented group.



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