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Irish sensation KK Lewis releases new single 'Good Enough'

The new single ‘Good Enough’ from rising artist KK Lewis showcases her original and enchanting sound. With undercurrents of soul and folk, this indie-pop track features a resonating bassline and hypnotising harmonies in its nuanced production. KK’s sultry voice packs a punch in the chorus and is effortlessly dreamy in the verses, delivering emotive lyricism.

Speaking about the meaning behind ‘Good Enough’, KK has revealed:

“This track was like a form of therapy for me, all of these bottled-up emotions spilling out at once and I knew I needed it to be on the EP. I allowed myself to be vulnerable in a way that I have never expressed before. Through the video and through the lyrics of this song I hope some people can resonate with my story and it helps them feel less alone.”

This promising songstress first made a name for herself busking on the streets of Dublin. Her debut single ‘Loop Now’, released last year, earned her the title ‘One To Watch’ for 2021, and we are certainly eager to hear KK Lewis’ upcoming EP ‘Dreaming’, recorded with fellow Irish musician Papa Rua and due to be released with Anon Records in April.

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