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Isabella Amarga's Newest Single ‘Still Blocked’

Isabella Amarga is an emerging Brazilian-American singer-songwriter who just released her latest single, 'Still Blocked'. A testament to the power of self-healing, the track is personal to Amarga, as it artistically unveils the story of a hardship and journey she's learned to overcome. It tells the tale of choosing prioritizing oneself instead of choosing being stagnant and complacent.

Amarga’s raw emotion is evident from the first second of the song. Staying true to her eclectic and occult style, the song provides an insight into the unspoken words of Amarga’s heart – a letter to someone that will forever remain unsent as she continues to grow and heal more than ever. As Amarga says, “may this song be the reason you block your toxic ex!”

Amarga has also cultivated a mass following on social media due to the intersectionality of her passions for fashion, music, the visual arts, and the occult. Her multifaceted approach to creativity continues to captivate a worldwide audience as she continues to grow. ‘Still Blocked’ is a personal story, but also a relatable anthem for anyone who has ever chosen to seek out the light after facing the darkness.

Stream 'Still Blocked' by Isabella Amarga on all streaming platforms!


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