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Israel-American singer, Maki Supa, is back with New EP -‘Noon to Nine’

Friends of John used to be the moniker of Maki Supa. However, after a five year long break, he is back with ‘Noon to Nine’ under the new guise of Maki Supa. Maki Supa has decided to follow up on his previous two albums (under his other moniker) with this E.P, and it certainly stands alongside them. ‘Inspirational Song #12’, ‘Somewhere in Bretagne’ and ‘What Kind Of Day Has It Been' all have similar characteristics. They show vulnerability whilst being infectious, with understated but effective vocal lines and music that pays homage to rock, indie, and dance-pop.

Speaking about this, he reveals: " I’m not impressed by most things happening in music today, and think we have an image first culture… all in all, we have people who have never read a book writing lyrics, and other people who can’t tell a chord from a cord writing songs, so we shouldn’t be surprised that this is what we’re getting."

“I prefer writing melody first, though some lyrics will find their way in there that are worth keeping. But different approaches will lead to different sounding songs, so I like to dabble anywhere.”

Maki Supa is without a shadow of a doubt a brilliant artist, who is capable of conjuring up sounds that breaks barriers, avoiding the easy steps and drawing listeners into an expansive sound eco-system that serves as a map for musical thoughts. A real thinking person’s musician, Maki Supa is an architect of sound that needs to be heard.

Giving fans a glimpse of what was to come, Maki Supa released ‘Somewhere in Bretagne’ on August 30th, and if current release ‘Inspirational Song #12’, and ‘What Kind of Day Has It Been’, scheduled for release on December 1st, can live up to the same heights, Maki Supa will be one to watch.

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