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Jack Conman releases immersive new EP “Utopian Bliss”

Based in Manchester, sing-songwriter and producer Jack Conman is releasing his most authentic work yet with his new offering “Utopian Bliss”. With the EP being partly funded by sex work, Jack uses this platform to explore the industry and the ways in which is has affected his personal journeys of self-discovery, acceptance and healing.

The EP starts with the laid back title track, “Utopian Bliss” is dreamy and sexy from the get go with a singalong cheeriness threaded throughout. Tracks like “Sugar Baby Potion” and “Sultry” intimately take the listener on an entranced odyssey. In the same breath, “Sugar Free” is a space for summery love, one that brings together trust in both yourself and others. The blend of electric and acoustic guitar riffs and simple but inspired drum grooves that set the tone for Jack’s affectionate vocal performances.

Talking further about the inspiration behind the EP, Jack shares: “This record is about sexuality, but not just the blissful parts. It’s also about sexual trauma and healing, an ongoing journey from self loathing to sex-istential bliss and acceptance. Whilst making this EP I wondered whether I was hiding behind a hyper-sexual facade in order to seem like I’m ultra confident and that I have it all together, but I think I was just taking ownership of my own sexuality without shame. This EP helped me learn to truly value myself for who I am, not for what I do or what I can offer another person […] Appreciate the inner beauty you hold and appreciate everything in your life which brings you joy. Hold self and self sooth.”

With Jack being heard through Radio 1, 6 Music, Amazing Radio and a COLORS Live Sessions it’s clear that his music is here to stay. As he continues to develop on an individual level, he also maintains the use of his platform to challenge social normalities and stereotypes. Jack’s music helps to liberate his loyal listeners and this new era is every bit as charming as the work that has come before.

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