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  • Kenny Sandberg

Jack Xander Releases Sophomore Single 'Therapy Whistle'

Jack Xander is relatively new to the game but his musical potential is beyond his mere two releases to date. The young Los Angeles native uses his west coast perspective to tell relatable, yet quirky stories.

Therapy Whistle expands on his previous release Doin Fine, but keeps the same unique element of wit and humour. This may sound like an odd thing to say about a song, but it is what keeps the listener engaged throughout the song, which was released today.

Musically, he could be compared to the likes of Metronomy, and lyrically it's hard to put a finger on it - which is never a bad thing. He invites us into an immersive story, one of a memory of his as a school child and a trip to Disneyland. What's most impressive is that the track is self-produced, which makes us excited for what's to come next.

Somewhat cryptically, Jack tells us what the track is about. He says:

"Therapy Whistle is about growing up into the people you hate."

The music industry that accompanies Therapy Whistle is indicative of Xander's creative vision. Watch below!



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