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Jada O’Neill’s honey-sweet vocals in the sensual new single ‘BYGONES’

The Barbadian RnB singer-songwriter’s Jada O’Neill sound is as sensual as it gets. Brought up on exotic islands of the Caribbean together with a love for classical music shapes her passion for singing and songwriting from her young days to what they are now. Following her smooth and sensual debut single ‘Waves’, which received plausible reactions from fans and publications, Jada is setting us free with another hauntingly soulful single ‘Bygones’. Which features her honey-sweet vocals, silky and soft guitar rhythms, and a message of forgiveness: conveying the concept of letting things go and presenting that previous conflicts can always be overcome.

The warm and melodious vocals of the contemporary RnB singer Jada O'Neill, as well as the sense of acceptable and candor, are all reflected in the single 'Bygones,' which is available to stream now!

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