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Jake Daniels re-releases viral indie-pop hit 'Two Face'

Hailing from Upstate New York, Jake Daniels is an artist that should be placed firmly on all of our radars.

The captivating, and complex storytelling Daniels manages with ease through his emotionally raw lyricism, is sure to draw in listeners, making the once-viral hit appeal to the masses again. With over 100 million streams across all platforms, and an array of playlisting placements, Daniels capability for versatility within the electro-indie-pop genre is not something to be ignored.

When speaking on his inspiration for the track, Daniels said that “‘Two Face’ is a take on two things - the first is the `Harvey Dent’ story from Batman (who the song is named after), and the second revolves around dealing with multiple personality disorder. The song touches on the struggle of it, what it feels like to have it and how one behaves when going through it.”

Inspirations come from the likes of Grandson, KID BRUNSWICK, Des Rocs, and Charlotte Lawrence - this track was a viral sensation with it’s first release and it’s second truly deserves the same attention.



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