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Jamie Knox releases essential album 'Reflex Apology'

Featuring remarkable tracks 'This is Not Your House' and 'On the Rocks', there's something for everyone buried within 'Reflex Apology'. The latest piece of art from Jamie Knox specialises in indie-rock with layers of pop arrangements throughout. Receiving praise from the likes of CLASH, New Noise Magazine and CLOUT to name a few outlets, Jamie Knox is certainly paving the way for a vivid future ahead. Musically, ‘on the rocks’ gently builds and comes across as extremely melodic.

Speaking about the new release, Jamie shares “'on the rocks' is a song about when your life improves but you're struggling to accept it because you're used to regular disappointment. It's about how your previous experiences shape who you are. When you cocoon yourself in prior trauma, your cynicism can be a crutch that you lean on to avoid being disappointed when your relationships break down. The message at the songs core is that any one of us are capable of acknowledging the painful experiences that shaped us without allowing it to consume the joyful moments in our lives. The song says simply that ‘there’s nothing wrong with you’ and encourages you to look where you are now and how far you’ve come.”



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