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Jane N' The Jungle preview their next EP with new single 'BED OF ROSES'

Photo: Jim Louvau

Since they first emerged, Phoenix's Jane N' The Jungle have been on an extremely prolific and adventurous trip. Adopting a solid alt-rock sound that ventures into more inventive fields than most, they are back to continue their explorative nature with their powerful new single 'BED OF ROSES'.

Linking up with the previously unveiled belter 'WASTELAND' in previewing their next EP, which is due out in the coming months, 'BED OF ROSES' stands as a truly memorable addition to their ever-growing catalogue of late. With its bold and euphoric energy permeated by some wonderfully passionate vocals and hooks throughout, they continue to set themselves as a shining light on the new music scene right now.

The journey of Jane N' The Jungle has been a winding one to say the least, but with every release they produce, they keep finding and cultivating fresh aesthetics in which to pursue. Brimming with an innovative spirit at every turn, this new EP already feels like it'll be packed with surprises when it gets released.

Enjoy 'BED OF ROSES' below.



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