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Jason Matu releases signature sounding new single "Bob Dylan Jr."

Jason Matu has had a slightly strange journey into the music industry. His first career came in form of lawyering and politicking, however this didn't make him satisfied. He knew he had to get into the music business. Fast forward to now, and he's gathered himself a loyal fanbase and written loads of infectious music.

His latest single showcases his unique and signature sound. "Bob Dylan Jr." see's Matu switch up the full band set up for a stripped back guitar and vocal combo. Despite this, the track is sure to make an impression on you. With witty lyrics and irresistible vocal melodies, the single is sure to entice you and leave you wanting more.

Speaking about the single, he says: “The tale of the musician son of Bob Dylan, an electrician from Zanesville, OH having no relation to the folk singer from Minnesota, "Bob Dylan Jr." chronicles the rise of B.D.J.R. and his band, Beady Jar. Their ascent from precocious alternative rockers bringing the heat to parties and DIY venues in and around Ohio University to touring buzz band on the radar of major labels was as swift as B.D.J.R.'s rejection of the industry's insistence that that he go by a name other than the one he chose for himself. B.D.J.R.'s muse, however, lasts as long as he does.”

With a new album in the the works, alongside a series of acoustic songs - 2023 is shaping out to be Jason Matu's year.

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