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Jay Blanes Drops Newest Indie-Pop Anthem 'I'm Crazy'

I’m Crazy is the newest track from Londoner Jay Blanes, a high energy scream to the world that reminds anyone listening that the choices we make are our own and we own them.

Jay creates a rich soundscape through the use of quirky guitar riffs, shimmering synths, an array of brass fanfares and a rolling drum pattern. Whilst the melody tells a tale of pure happiness the lyrics contrast the feeling, not taking away from the mood of the song itself, this has been expertly crafted by a musician at the height of their game.

As well as being responsible for all of his own production and recording, Jay also works tirelessly to create the visuals that pair with his music. An artist that truly possesses an arsenal of talents, he is poised to become one of the biggest names in the industry.

Jay’s most unique talent is his ability to perform an immersive one man show from scratch without losing any of the authenticity or energy his music possesses. Recording all of his own instrumentation and vocals he creates an on stage experience as he makes the song in front of the audience in real time.

His journey through the musical world has not been uncomplicated, facing obstacles that were testing at times, he has shown true desire and passion for his craft and has always bounced back against the odds and come off better on the other side, a truly honourable trait in anyone.

Creating relatable and loveable music, Jay is an artist who puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and someone that is very exciting to watch as he progresses through the ranks.

Listen to 'I'm Crazy' here:

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