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Jay Das releases new track "Stitches" with video accompaniment

Multi-faceted rapper Jay Das releases new track Stitches accompanied by a video with breathtaking visuals that compliment the song perfectly.

Jay collaborates with Aidan Robert to create a moody and sincere tune. The melody is dark and ominous, lending inspiration from the trap scene to create an addictive hook. The perfect backdrop to his gritty, teeth-baring lyrics is an infusion of pulsing synths, punchy 808’s and warped vocals.

The video is the perfect visual aid and enhances the listening experience with a montage of low lit shots of Jay putting everything he has into relaying the songs. Jay uses the backdrop of a rural petrol station and plays on the hints of green and red lighting to reflect the mood of the song itself.

Speaking on the song's darker elements and the themes he explores,, Jay expands; ‘Stitches’ is about dealing with the psychological scars from a toxic relationship. Mental abuse is often unnoticed in relationships, and the song talks about confronting this, where moving on is the only remedy.”

This is Jay’s fourth release, following on the success of previous singles Drop Dead and Change. Jay has exposed his talent and professionalism time again, creating incredibly well-produced music and now producing a video of the same high standards.

Expect big things from Jay in the future, a refreshingly honest talent with huge potential.

Watch the video for Stitches here:

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