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Jay Moussa-Mann releases otherworldly ‘Ghosts’

Jay Moussa-Mann has returned with the emotive pop sparkle of 'Ghosts'. Steadily building an otherworldly soundscape around bright pianos, echoey production and unfiltered synth frequencies, Jay gives herself the perfect platform to shape her narrative, tackling her painful struggles around change with a melancholic but knowing tone in her voice.

As the middle mark passes, the track begins to reach its climax, with energised, punchy drums and infectious lead synth melodies leading us to angelic, lifting harmonies and heartfelt vocal performance. Falling for just a moment, then rising back bigger than ever, the final moments see Jay's emotions fall out of the speakers, the culmination of her hardship.

Picked up by BBC Introducing, performing at Twisterella and supporting a slew of artists across a range of stage locations, Jay Moussa-Mann’s 2022 saw the artist accepted into the Co-Pilot mentoring scheme. Mentored by award-winning jazz artist Martha D Lewis, Jay also went on to receive a Help Musicians award, 'Do It Differently', granting her funding to make her self-titled debut album, which now begins to appear.

The artist explains, "I have always found that my best songs come from times of loneliness or difficulty. Being away from my family and everything I had known was painful, but within that pain, I discovered music...”



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