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Jeff Vidov keeps the vibes high on the uplifting new single 'Baby can u dig your man'

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut single 'Little less love' last year, Canadian artist Jeff Vidov has always looked to embark on a more vibrant intention than most. And with a string of impactful outings under his belt in the months since, he now returns with the uplifting new single 'Baby can u dig your man'.

Taking his cues from Bleachers with its fun and lively indie-pop ideals, his newest offering cements him as one of the more enjoyable names currently on the rise. Following an enticing theme of glossy aesthetics and an incredibly catchy chorus to boot, 'Baby can u dig your man' sees him return for 2024 with his most mesmerising release yet.

He may have only turned out a few anthems in recent months, but Jeff Vidov certainly has his eyes set on the big time already. With such an explosive approach to his production from beginning to end, 'Baby can u dig your man' will have you smiling from ear to ear in no time.

Enjoy 'Baby can u dig your man' below.



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