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Jennings Couch reveals new single ‘Little Boy’

Jennings Couch is someone who embraces change, having been born in the wilderness of New York City, reared in rural England, and made on the streets of London. Jennings uses pitch-perfect harmonisations and anthemic arrangements to create rich and varied soundscapes reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, and Imagine Dragons. From physics to heartbreak and all in between, his lyrics encompass a wide spectrum of philosophical, social, and scientific themes. Continuing to push the edge with each new release, Jennings delivers edgy alternative pop music that deserves to be heard. On the latest single, 'Little Boy,' Jennings Couch is cathartic and reflective, with a sincere letter to the boy he used to be, presented through a compassionate lens and lashings of metaphor. The track's honest and sincere vocals and rhythmic delivery are likely to capture your heart, while still maintaining Jennings Couch's characteristic alternative feel with a touch of Hip-Hop.

When it comes to the single, Jennings Couch shares: “I wrote ‘Little Boy’ as a letter to my younger self, reflecting back on a time when things were simpler and easier. The song references the struggles of life as an adult but encourages our younger selves to be strong and push through. As the lyric says, “You’re never gonna make it right when you’re standing on the edge.””

With the accumulated hefty experience in writing music, Jennings carries a unique alternative spirit in his voice as well as his writing. Having earned many slots on the All New Rock editorial playlist with his strict release schedule of a new song every two months, Jennings’ diversity of genres in his music ensures that everyone will appreciate part of his creation.


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